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Brand Meaning                2nd Edition

“I don't know of a better book on this subject." Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO, Louis Vuitton



Ignite your brand. Make it resonate like never before. An expert brand audit with BateyConsulting will set you on the path…



Mark Batey offers informative and inspiring sessions on brands, branding and brand management in the form of both executive training and academic teaching


what does your brand mean?

You buy a product for what it does. You choose a brand for what it means


When the brand idea is the product itself, the brand is limited.

Culture Corner

Culture Corner

Brands don’t exist in a vacuum. They are socio-cultural phenomena. Culture shapes brands; and sometimes brands shape culture. Understanding cultural context and cultural relevance is a vital part of the Brand Meaning Manager’s job.
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Brand Communication

Brand Communication

If your advertising isn’t framing, evolving or modifying your brand meaning, then its effectiveness – if any – will be short-lived. What matters is how people respond to the brand rather than to the advertising – or rather, how they respond to the brand through the advertising.
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Brand Audit

Brand Audit

How clear is your brand meaning? Is your brand marketing creating the kind of brand perceptions you expect and desire? Get expert feedback and advice on your brand
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Social media

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Barcelona FC is one of the biggest sports brands in the world. More on how brands are being built in the competitive world of sports Continue reading


Companies create brand identity. People create brand meaning